TCC Communications | About Us
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About Us

More than Ten years have passed since the launch of TCC Communications, the leading firm in the domain of cellular and electronics distribution, globally. TCC Communications’ workforce consists of an elite of experts and some of the best engineers, administrators and workers from various ethnicities. Those fine men and women spare no effort or time to ensure that our clients receive nothing but unique and special products. Assuming responsibility for this gigantesque edifice has honored us and we are looking forward to continuing this path of development.

Thanks to our belief in the importance of this industry – both on local and global levels – TCC Communications is keen on presenting and developing this essential role in pushing the wheel of continuous development and applications within the company’s local and international Consumer applications markets. TCC Communications will always remain a crucial partner in, as well as a witness to, the rise and the evolution of the electronics industry and its applications worldwide, thanks to its human and financial capabilities, as well as to its unique infrastructure.

TCC Communications is aware of the goals it was founded for and deploys its continuous efforts towards taking the electronics industry and its advanced applications – internationally – to the next level, thanks to its leadership in the industry. We work to develop our company’s activities – mainly products and services – by expanding to a new, advanced areas that are connected to the firm’s current activity.

We are committed to continuously working hard, to enhance our leadership – locally and internationally – as well as to effectively contribute in pushing the national economy forward, since we are keen on accomplishing the goals of the strategic plan that our firm adopts, by reinforcing TCC Communications’ both human and financial capabilities. We will continue to work effectively and faithfully as an establishment that assumes its responsibilities towards the society, on all levels.

The achievements we accumulated can only be considered a starting point towards larger horizons – which can solely be matched by our large ambitions and aspirations. We hope to always remain the best option for our clients.

We would like to seize this opportunity to thank and express his deepest gratitude to the members of the board, as well as to the firm’s workforce for their efforts, devotion and loyalty towards their work. We would, also, like to thank our clients, as well as our partners for their continuous cooperation and communication. We are certain that everyone will spare no effort when it comes to providing their creative and unique contributions for the development and the advancement of the firm – especially because it operates with the help of such a talented team, that is able to face and confront various challenges.

We will move forward with achieving successes that exceed expectations to continue our leadership in the domain of electronics industry and its applications – domestically and internationally. Last, but not least, I would like to welcome all the visitors of TCC Communications’ site, which is considered one of the most important communication channels with the firm’s esteemed customers and vendors, allowing a good opportunity to get to know our company’s products, activities, history, visions and available services. Additionally, the firm welcomes the visitors of the site to share their opinions and constructive suggestions, which will shed its positive light on offering the best products and services.